ReadyCLOUD gives you remote access over the Internet to a USB storage device that is connected to your router's USB port.

How to set up ReadyCLOUD for your router

  1. Set up a ReadyCLOUD Account
    1. To use ReadyCLOUD, you must have a ReadyCLOUD account.
      If you do not have a ReadyCLOUD account, click here and click on "Create Account".
  2. Router Setup
    1. Connect a USB storage device to your router's USB port.
    2. Go to the router setup page
    3. Go to ReadySHARE page, select ReadyCLOUD option, and enter your ReadyCLOUD user name and password.
    4. Your router is now registered with your ReadyCLOUD account.
  3. Enjoy your data anywhere and anytime through ReadyCLOUD
    1. Visit Click Sign In.
    2. Enter your ReadyCLOUD user name and password. Click Sign In.

You can also use the ReadyCLOUD app to make a secure connection between the router's USB storage device and your computer or mobile device.

Download the app from

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